Choosing a Bag for Sport Bike

Choosing a bag for sport bike Everybody has heard stories about tough bikers with long beards and long hairs taking their Harleys to the road trip across the US. Sounds like a cool thing to do, doesn’t it? However it’s quite hard to use a crotch rocket for such a [...]

Tips on choosing right Crotch Rocket Helmet

Let’s talk about safety on the road. Nowadays there are so many products available at the market that your freedom to choose from is not restricted in any way besides the money. There is always a wide range of skullcaps, half- and fullface helmetst hat come in different designs, paint [...]

Crotch rocket Stunt riding

A few words about sport bike stunts Different bikers find pleasure in different riding styles. Some people enjoy street rides, some of them prefer track, I know a few men who just like going fast and they don’t care where it is going to be, and sure there are some [...]

Are Crotch Rockets easy to Ride?

This kind of question appears when you start thinking of getting one. Even if it seems like you have a lot of experience riding off road, track, cruisers or your motorcycles you may be sure that it is going to take you some time to figure it out how to [...]

Some advices for purchasing Used Sport Bikes

Spring time is the best time to purchase for yourself nice shaped motorcycle, it’s always pretty cool to take ride on sport motorcycle at nice warm day, feel some speed and cool fresh breeze. And nobody would like to spoil such a good romantic mood, by being deceived at purchasing. [...]

2011 Top Crotch Rocket Brands

1. The fastest of all of the crotch rocket brands is the Suzuki Hayabusa. It is the fastest and most powerful in the world of all of the other popular sport super bikes. The name means “black bird”. The engine has a1350cc, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, and 16 valves. 2. The second [...]

Facts About Minibikes And Mini Crotch Rockets

Monkey riding is a term, sometimes used for the act of riding miniature motorcycles. This idea includes standard minibikes and mini crotch rockets. Minibikes are often referred to as pocket bikes, so a mini crotch rocket becomes a pocket rocket. One of the most common places to see minibikes is [...]

World’s Fastest Crotch Rocket – Suzuki Hayabusa

A sport bike, crotch rocket should be fast. Generally, speed is the number one reason a person buys a sport bike. The Suzuki Hayabusa is said to be one of the faster sport bikes on the market. The 1999-2000 Suzuki Hayabusa has top speeds of up to 194 miles per [...]

How to Find the Best Crotch Rockets For Sale

The internet hosts many websites that feature automotive sales, including Crotch Rockets for Sale. If you are looking for a bike where speed is the key, then you are looking for a sport bike. Sport bikes are made for speed, hence their nickname crotch rockets. There are many sport bikes [...]

How fast are Crotch Rockets?

The sport bikes also known as crotch rockets are the fastest motorcycles. They are really made for speed. With a light body frame and a light motor, their plastic body is made for aerodynamic, streamlined, and sculpted in a wind tunnel and integrated fairing. The foot pegs and shifter are [...]