Are Crotch Rockets easy to Ride?

Are crotch Rockets easy to ride?

This kind of question appears when you start thinking of getting one. Even if it seems like you have a lot of experience riding off road, track, cruisers or your motorcycles you may be sure that it is going to take you some time to figure it out how to ride a sport bike. The main and the most outstanding characteristics of such bikes that distinguish them from another are special aerodynamic body shape, power to weight ratio, which also means high speed.

A few safety tips for Crotch Rocket Riders that can Save Your Life

The hardest thing about riding crotch rockets is to learn how to proportion and use your weight to take over the control performing turns and stops using breaks. Sport bikes are very light comparing to other types of motorcycles and it makes it very sensitive to every single movement of the handle bar and your body. Besides that wind may also have a significant impact on your motorcycle.

Riding in the wind

Riding Sport Bike and Wind Aerodynamics

Be advised, Riding Sport Bike in the wind may be harder, especially on turns.

If you are not 100% sure about your riding skills then it might be a rather good option to leave your bike at home for today but if you still want to take a ride then here is a few helpful tips that may save your health and bike’s condition. First of all, pay attention and slow down when you are about to leave woodland, city, tunnel or any other kind of surroundings that usually protect you from the wind. Also you should watch out for objects that are moving in the wind on your way. You can smooth out the side-wind by applying a little bit of pressure to the handlebar in the opposite direction to the wind. So if the wind is blowing from the right side then you should apply some pressure to the left side and if you feel it on the left side then you should push against the right bar. Keep the bike straight by using your legs and bodyweight. A lot of experienced sport bike owners advise to keep your upper body relaxed so it will be way easier for you to deal with unexpected bumps and gusts.

Giving a ride

Crotch rockets are chick magnets so there will be lots of times when you will have a pretty passenger holding her hands around your body. Even if it is not about taking girls for a ride there is a great chance that many friends of yours will beg to take them for a ride. Anyway it has to do with weight balance and some other specific complexities. Before taking a pillion for a ride for the first time don’t forget to tell them some essentials. This way you will avoid the most of possible problems and make sure that your passenger won’t fly off the bike somewhere in the middle of the road. You might think that it is ridiculous but make sure that in the very beginning you tell them about how to get on the saddle. In 30 percent of cases inexperienced people are trying to climb instead of swinging over that obviously leads to flipping the bike over with both of you on the board. The most necessary thing about taking a pillion for a ride on a sport bike is to keep them relaxed no matter what. It will be way easier for you to control the bike if the passenger just sits straight and not trying to lean in order to help you perform a turn otherwise it may really unsettle the bike and mess everything up. Just tell them to keep the feet on the pegs and hold their back straight even if you are slowing the speed down or about to stop the machine, especially when you are moving on the slow speed. Please, don’t try to impress them by speeding up really fast suddenly. Ride slow and be careful using breaks.

Two pretty blonde girls riding red crotch rocket motorcycle

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle with a Passenger

Since you are having a passenger the weight on the back of the bike will be more loaded and consequently rear break will be much more efficient. So instead of using 75 to 25 front to rear breaks proportions for solo riding you will acquire better results using 50 to 50 or 60 to 40 front to back. Be aware of possible misbehavior caused be a nervous person. If you feel like pillion doesn’t feel confident then you should not be going to fast in order to avoid possible incidents. Follow these easy advices and all the hot girls, friends and family member you are going to take for a ride will remain calm and happy on the saddle.

It was a few basic tips that may help you to get used to riding a crotch rocket, keep your bike in an appropriate condition, protect your passengers and yourself. Drive safe and enjoy your crotch rocket rides!