Choosing a Bag for Sport Bike

Choosing a Bag for Sport Bike

Choosing a Bag for Crotch Rocket

Choosing a bag for sport bike

Everybody has heard stories about tough bikers with long beards and long hairs taking their Harleys to the road trip across the US. Sounds like a cool thing to do, doesn’t it? However it’s quite hard to use a crotch rocket for such a long trips. There are a few issues that make that kind of trips rather exhausting for bikers. First of all, it’s hard to ride in constant wind on the highway. All of the time you have to struggle against it. Also the noise might get pretty annoying. These problems can be solved using higher and better windshield. But what if you have to carry something on the way?

Saddle or tank bag?

Mostly you choice is limited by these two options, however there are tons of various saddlebags as well as tank bags that you can set up on your sport bike. In most cases saddlebags can fit more stuff and they don’t cause any discomfort to your arms and wrists while you are driving. A lot of people complain that tank bags make their arms and wrists fell exhausted after long rides. At the same time not everybody likes the way saddlebags look on the crotch rockets. So, first of all, you need to decide what you need a bag for. If it is just a couple of small things like books or a bottle of water then it doesn’t really matter what kind of bag you are going to choose. All that matters in this case is your preferences about the form and design. However if you are thinking about any rather long road trips then you might want to take into consideration an idea of purchasing a top case rack.

Massive Crotch Rocket luggage

Some fun from

Top case rack for sport bike

Some people think that top case racks look hilarious on the crotch rockets, but who cares? It is your bike and you are allowed to do whatever you want to do with your bike, and if you feel like setting up a top case rack by Givi like B33 Monokey and two TRK46N Trekkers on the sides of your crotch rocket and storing everything you got in your fridge then there is nothing wrong with it. This way you can pretty much move your house to another state using just your motorcycle. The only thing that you’ll need to carry about in this case is additional weight on the back of your crotch rocket that may cause misbalance between front and rare breaks, so you probably will need sometime to figure out how to proportion the breaks with the rack. However if you have experience taking a pillion for a ride then it won’t take you much time to figure it out.

Sjaak Lucassen Around the World - massive luggage

You should know this: Sjaak Lucassen travelled about 250,000 kilometres around the world at his Yamaha R1

Security issues

Having a bag means carrying some stuff, and that stuff may attract some unpleasant guests to your bike. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want any of your belongings to get stolen, so there are a few ways you can avoid this issue.
First of all, you can carry everything in a backpack, but it is not the best solution in case if you are going far because as statistics shows your back is going to hurt after awhile especially if you carry some heavy things in there. If you are going to take a lot of things with you on the road then a top case rack with a locking system may solve this problem allowing you to carry everything and be sure that it is not going to get lost at the same time. In case if you don’t like top case racks and you want to use saddlebags or tank bags then you can get a padlock which is not going to save you from determined foes but will help you in most cases.


Choosing a bag for sport bike is not as tough problem as choosing a helmet is and it doesn’t take much to solve it due to the wide variety of model lines with different features provided. You can get saddlebag, tank bag or top case rack made of different materials, of different size (I’m pretty sure that if you want you can even find a really small bag, which will fit your wallet and a couple bottles of water in there, or get the whole pack of racks to store the whole your house in there) with beautiful designs and so on. Just think about what you are going to need your bag for, how far you are going to travel with it, and what you are planning to store in there. When you will find answers to these questions there is not much left to make a decision about, just go ahead and choose the color.

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Drive safe and have fun!