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Crotch Rocket Sport Motorcycle Full Face Helmets

Crotch Rocket Full Face Helmets

Let’s talk about safety on the road. Nowadays there are so many products available at the market that your freedom to choose from is not restricted in any way besides the money. There is always a wide range of skullcaps, half- and fullface helmetst hat come in different designs, paint jobs, form and color available at your choice. This is one of a few cases when solution is problem at the same time, there are so many choices then it is getting hard to pick the right helmet, which is durable, Snell, ECE and DOT approved, comfortable and meets other requirements.

Snell, ECE and DOT approval

If you’ve read some information about motorcycle helmets before then you might have come accros such words in articles, but what do they stay for?

Snell and DOT approvals are different in the way the helmets are tested and the verification standards are also quite different. Let’s try to figure out what is better. Snell (SMF which stays for the Snell memorial foundation) is a non-profit organization that was founded after one racer died in the accident. They are focused on resarches concerning head injuries and the ways of preventing it by introducing standards of quality to helmets manufacturing. DOT is an abbriviature from Department of Transportation, also you may notice some label that says something like FMVSS 218 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218) sounds impressive but basically it is the same DOT. I’m not sure that somebody died in order to make people start DOT however they work and perform pretty much the same tests and verifications. Nevertheless, it seems that Snell actually carries more complicated tests that are closer to reality and severe traumas. For instance, Snell drop helmets from 10 feet height on the flat anvil and 7.5 feet height for the round anvil while DOT’s number are 6 and 4.5. So in this case I’d strongly recommend making sure that your helmet is Snell approved.

ECE safety standard

ECE is Economic Community of Europe. It is a worldwide safety standard which is required in over 50 countries over the world. ECE 22.05 safety standard is a mandatory set of tests that are carried out before helmets leave the factory. A lot of specialists say that ECE 22.05 safety standard is preferable, however choosing a helmet you should keep in mind that there is no such helmet that can save you from all kinds of injuries. Helmets are designed in order to provide additional protection but if you will fly off your crotchrocket going 100 mph even a full-face motorcycle helmet is not going to save your head.

Skullcap, Half and Full-face crotch-rocket helmets

Since we are talking about riding sport bikes then we should exclude skullcaps and half-face helmets from the very beginning unless you area daredevil and don’t care about anything but style because obviously skullcap can only provide you with a nice design, skull or fire on the side and it is about it, they are not DOT, Snell or ECE approved. Some of the half-face helmets go with visors and protection for the side of your head but there is no way they can protect the whole your head so don’t even think about riding a crotch rocket with this kind of protection otherwise you’ll become a legend (probably a dead one) from the very first accident.

Full-face Crotch Rocket Helmets

So, now we know that we should choose from full-face helmets that are either DOT, Snell or ECE approved (or even Snell and ECE approved, we can exclude DOT approval from the list), anyway it is still rather difficult to choose, isn’t it? If it is not, then go ahead and get the one you want if you are not then keep on reading.

When you already chose a color that matches your jacket, or even found a crotch rocket helmet with a nice painting work on it then it is about the time to try it on. Retention is a case you should worry about. Helmet must stay on its place no matter what but at the same it doesn’t mean that you head must stock in there forever. Pick a comfortable one but make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere. Fasten the strap so you can feel it on your chin and then try to lift it up and roll forward if it doesn’t get off your head then it is the right size. That’s about the main things, now let’s move forward to some additional features that you may like.

Additional features

Some of helmets manufacturers provide a few additional features that may ease your life. You can find some features like quick-change faceshield, strap security system, breath guard and so on. One of the most convenient features of sport bike helmets is scratch-resistance. For example you can check out helmet models by Nolan like N-84 N-Com series. They also provide you with such features as antimicrobial hypoallergenic interior, N-Com communication system, microlock retention system, NFR antifog and other.

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