Crotch rocket Stunt riding

A few words about sport bike stunts

Different bikers find pleasure in different riding styles. Some people enjoy street rides, some of them prefer track, I know a few men who just like going fast and they don’t care where it is going to be, and sure there are some who enjoy performing stunts on their crotch rocket. Stuntmen say that they like the feeling of full and precise throttle control, flow of adrenaline in veins, finding the balance point riding on one wheel and the feeling that somebody is after you to hand a big freaking ticket.
So, if you want to impress hot girls not only with your great looking crotch rocket, get respect of fellows, you like tricks and heightened level of adrenaline in your blood then get a good helmet and start learning amazing stunts.

A piece of advise for those who is going to learn tricks

Basically there is no point to look for written articles in the Internet with instructions that illustrate how to proportion breaks, how to proportion your weight, how to ride on one wheel, do back or front flips because it’s pointless. Can you learn how to swim by reading an instruction? It is kind of a similar question. You have to practice and this is the only way to learn stunts. You can find a lot of videos illustrating separate elements of various tricks and this is probably the only helpful information you can acquire surfing the Internet.
If you have a friend who is pro in stunting then it is such a good luck for you because he/she might be your instructor. With his help you will get rid of major mistakes way quicker and you’ll learn, for example how to ride on one wheel in a few days or even within a day depending on your and his experience and skills. However there is no one but you who can actually feel the bike, the breaks, the engine and balance, so no matter how good and expensive your crotch rocket is you won’t learn anything until you make an efforts.

Make sure

Make sure that protection you wear is good enough to save you from harm in case if you will fall off the bike trying to perform one wheel ride and don’t forget to put on your helmet. You might think that it is way more catching to ride your bike without a helmet, but I know no hot chicks that are crazy about hot guys on crotch rockets with their brains hanging out of the skull. There is nothing attractive about it so, please use protection especially at the beginning.
Make sure that you have enough time, and your bed is big enough to fit all the hot chicks you’re about to pick up after you’ll learn the first trick on your sport bike and show it in front of them. Also you might want to make a schedule with names written on it in order not to forget that somebody is coming over.

As for the conclusion

Being a stuntman is cool as hell and everybody’d admit it besides envious persons, however before you’ll join them make sure that you’ve got enough experience and balls to perform all those crazy things that you’ve seen on youtube. You fear is the only thing that can stop you from doing this. Ask your biker-friends for a piece of practical advice, pick out a trick hat you want to learn, check all the equipment, take a deep breath and go ahead!
If you are not sure about making this or that trick maybe you just shouldn’t do that right know and you want to gain more experience first. It is still cool as hell to ride your crotch rocket on the streets, more over at least two days a week you will get enough sleep because nobody will occupy your bed besides you and maybe your cat or dog if have any.
Actually the conclusion maybe put in three words: watch -> ask -> try

Good luck and be safe!

Youtube video: Crotch Rocket stunt show

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