Facts About Minibikes And Mini Crotch Rockets

Monkey riding is a term, sometimes used for the act of riding miniature motorcycles. This idea includes standard minibikes and mini crotch rockets. Minibikes are often referred to as pocket bikes, so a mini crotch rocket becomes a pocket rocket. One of the most common places to see minibikes is in a parade. There is a group of masons who are always seen riding minibikes and monkey riding is often associated with these masons.

Kid riding mini bike

Mini Crotch Rocket kid riding

Mini crotch rockets and minibikes are meant to be toys so they’re not street legal, but they are great tools for teaching children how to ride. These little motorcycles generally only goes up to 30 miles per hour, although some can reach 70 mph. The speed of minibikes ranges from 25 to 35 mph. Pocket bikes and minibikes are ridden more for entertainment purposes and for doing tricks than anything else. Most mini crotch rockets operate on gas but occasionally you will find some that are battery powered. The mini crotch rockets and minibikes are usually very similar in styling, if not identical, to their larger counterparts. Minibikes have been around since the 1950s when drag racing crews used them as pit bikes. Minibikes began to peak in popularity about fifteen years later during the late 1960s and early ’70s. Mini crotch rockets are much newer than minibikes.

Most mini crotch rockets and minibikes can be purchased for about $500. Some smaller bikes can be as low as $100 and others as high as $1200. Mini crotch rockets and minibikes are less expensive than regular sized sport bikes or cruisers but much smaller in size. The mileage on these types of bikes ranges from about 25 to 70 miles per tank and most mini crotch rocket tanks will only hold one or two liters.

If you want a toy, minibikes and mini crotch rockets are great. Similar to the larger versions but with decreased speeds and size, smaller crotch rockets and cruisers are not meant to be ridden on the streets. They are, however, great for tricks. They are good for children and smaller people who want to ride but cannot handle the size of a regular sized bike. Riding small crotch rockets and cruisers is sometimes called monkey riding because an average sized person looks a bit like a monkey trying to ride them. Whatever your reasons are for buying pocket bike, you can bet that they will provide you with hours worth of fun.


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