How fast are Crotch Rockets?

The sport bikes also known as crotch rockets are the fastest motorcycles. They are really made for speed. With a light body frame and a light motor, their plastic body is made for aerodynamic, streamlined, and sculpted in a wind tunnel and integrated fairing. The foot pegs and shifter are located toward the rear. The seat is small all to help the rider to maneuver the crotch rocket better especially on the corners. The crotchrockets are designed to position the rider in the position of the bike. All of these things along with the power of the engine are what makes it so fast. They are designed with the purpose of speed, racing and going fast around corners.

How fast are Crotch Rockets. Top Speeds.

How fast are crotch rockets will go depends on the engine and transmission installed. There are three classes of these sportsbikes: Lightweight, Middleweight, and the Superbike. A Lightweight crotch rockets have a two stroke and up to 500cc500 cc (31 cu in) engine. It is possible for a crotch rockets in this class to have a higher performance than a four stroke engine. The Middleweight sport bikes have a 600–750 cc (37–46 cu in) engine. The Super bikes have a 1,000 cc (61 cu in) engine.

These are examples of the most popular sport bikes bought today:

  • Crotch rockets with a 10-cylinder, 500 horsepower, 5600 rpm, and a 2- speed transmission faster speed is 350mpr. It can go from 0-60mpr in 1.75 seconds.
  • Crotchrockets with a 1340cc, 4 stroke, four-cylinder, 6 speed transmission and liquid cooled top speed is 248mpr.
  • Crotch rockets with a Rolls-Royce 250-Cw0 turbo shaft, 2 speed transmission highest speed is 227mpr.
  • Crotch rockets with a 1137cc liquid cooled inline four cylinder, 10,000rpm, and closed 6 speed transmission highest speed is 190mpr.

Also there are many faster sport bikes.

The crotch rockets are the best bikes for racing because of speed. There are some Middleweights and the Superbike qualifies for AMA racing. These motorcycles are made for racing. The rider can control the bike just a foot or so from the ground on corners. The things that make rotchrockets so fast is the design of the lightweight body, the foot pedals being closer to the rear, the way it is shape that makes the rider move into a position that is identical to the design of the bike.

Youtube video: crotch rider reaches 240MPH(390KPH) in just few seconds on Suzuki Hayabusa