Some advices for purchasing Used Sport Bikes

Spring time is the best time to purchase for yourself nice shaped motorcycle, it’s always pretty cool to take ride on sport motorcycle at nice warm day, feel some speed and cool fresh breeze. And nobody would like to spoil such a good romantic mood, by being deceived at purchasing.

How to choose motorcycle type and manufacturer

First of all figure out what kind of bike you want, where you are going to ride it, only after that they let you chose the right motorcycle. There are a lot of used and cheap bike types:  it can be super fast sport bikes, mountain bike, cruiser bike, track mountain bike and many others. In between sport bikes most popular are Japanese manufacturers, like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha. No matter what bike you are going to purchase – don’t be rush, carefully check out all parts, sit on it, see how it feels on it, take short ride, be sure that it is exactly the bike that you want. If you are confused about what kind of motorcycle you want to purchase, I would suggest a Honda CBR1000RR. This bike is designed like an ultimate street bike, perfectly was manufactured for Superbike tracks around the world. It has powerful engine, the overlook design is totally individual.

Red Honda CBR 1000RR Sport bike rider

Red Honda CBR 1000RR Sport Bike

Here are some characteristics of Honda CBR1000RR:

  • Dimensions: weigh – 439lbs, wheelbase – 55.4inc, seat height – 32.3inc,
  • Engine: inline 4cylinder, 4 valves for each cylinder, DOHC. Displacement – 999cc, bore x stroke – 76×55.1 mm, Compression Ratio – 12.3:1, Carburetion – DSFInjection, Fuel Capacity – 4.7gal, including 1.06 gal reserve, MPG Rating – 37, Ignition – Computer controlled digital transistorized 3-D mapping, Engine Cooling Liquid.
  • Drive train Transmission – Close- ratio 6 speed, Final Drive 530 O-ring – sealed chain,
  • Brakes: Brakes – Front: Dual radial-mounted 4-piston calipers with full-floating 320 mm discs Rear: Single 220 mm disc.
  • Tires – Front: 120/70ZR-17 radial Rear: 190/50ZR-17 radial,
  • Suspension – Front: 43 mm inverted HMAS cartridge fork with spring preload, rebound & compression damping adjustability; 4.3 in. travel Rear: Unit Pro-Link® HMAS single shock with spring preload, rebound & compression damping adjustability; 5.4 in. travel,
  • Rake – 23.3degree,
  • Trail – 3.8inc. (96.2mm).

Why I choose Honda? It is pretty old manufacturer in the worlds market and in many years of producing the vehicles, Honda has proved their trustworthiness and safety, two major points in bike riding, at least it’s my own opinion. I like Japanese manufacturers for their practicality and comfort, they always think about their clients.

How to get sport motorcycle in good condition

Inspecting used sport bike

Inspect Used Sport Bike before buy

When people are going to by not only motorcycle but anything else, everyone wants to be sure that they wouldn’t be deceived. To escape that carefully check out all completing parts of the bike that you going to buy. If you are thinking about getting used sport motorcycle first of all on any kind of motorcycles make sure that the frame hasn’t been damaged. If the frame has many scratches – it doesn’t mean that frame is damaged, but when the frame is painted and has wonderful shining overlook, that frame might be damaged, fixed and painted to show perfect marketability. You have to know that little damages of frame can be invisible to you, but may cause many other damages, even can be the cause of crash, or other depreciations of many other parts. You should take the motorcycle to the bike workshop and check the frame on special equipment, same thing should be done for the steering plug, this part is also very important. The special equipment will show you any little deformations, which is unacceptable for such parts. Depending on what type of sports motorcycle you want to buy, you should check the engine and one more important spear part, is the brake system. Take a look at chain condition, gear shaft, tires, wheels. These parts must to be in very good condition, but in same time they are pretty easy to change, I mean if you just take them off and replace for new ones, your sport bike is not going to change much, more than that your motorcycle will become much better with such a new spear parts.

Addition about safety on road

First of all – always be patient, not hurry. If you are going to purchase sport motorcycle, the helmet is going to be an important necessary addition, you must have it for your safety. Choosing the right helmet is also very important, make sure that the helmet that you get does not cover the visibility in any angle, and it is not too heavy for you. The other things is that the slam mast have good ventilation to not make you sweat, because at long trips on speed you won’t have time to wipe the sweat from your face, helmet also should not block your ears so you can hear what is going on around you. And finally good helmet is for good bike, you can’t ride wonderful bike wearing worn out slam on your head!

Well I hope this tips will be useful for you, buy your sport motorcycle, don’t be deceived and enjoy your ride! I’m sure you will find the one which will be perfect to you. Be careful and good Luck!

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