What is Crotch Rocket? Sport Bikes.

A sport bike, also known as a Crotch Rocket, is a motorcycle manufactured for optimized speed, braking, acceleration, and taking corners with enhanced maneuverable. This type of motorcycle must use more expensive parts to get the handling that the rider is expecting. A crotchrocket is made for racing on pavement and can reach more than 202 miles per hour. This type of motorcycle is meant for speed and comfort for the rider. It is made of light metal to help with the maneuverability. This can win or lose a race, that’s why the rider and a crotchrocket must have the ability to work together.

The different in a crotch rocket and a normal motorcycle is in the construction of the bike and the parts used. The difference is as follows:

Suzuky Hayabusa Crotch rocket

Suzuki Hayabusa - the world's fastest Crotch rocket

  • The foot pegs are position closer to the rear of the bike.
  • The shifter is also position closer to the rear of the crotchrocket.
  • The seating position is more aerodynamic, and streamlined which make it quicker from the seating position.
  • The handlebars are in a position that helps form the rider to the the design of the bike. This uses the fast steering of the crotch rocket.
  • The purpose of a crotch rocket is to race which makes the speed and the ability to maneuver corners a necessity.
  • The crotch rider uses the lightest engine to makes it an additional part to go with the lightweight frame.
  • The engine used in a sports bike, a crotch rocket, is an inline four type. This type of engine has the ability to run at 14,000+RPM and runs smoothly.
  • Streamlined aerodynamic body design uses the wind to add less drag to be faster for speed racing. A crotch rocket is the only type of bike to race with based on its design and the incredible speed.

A crotch rocket was built for racing. The AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) Championship began in 1972. AMA manages the MX Sports Pro racing. The races have had many names since it be gain in 1972.

There are different classes of crotch rockets. The Lightweight is the smallest and know as a beginner which has a 500cc engine or lower. The next class is the Middleweight has a 600-750cc engine. Some of this crotch rockets qualifies for AAA racing in the Super Sport Division. Next are the Superbikes having a 1000cc engines.  They qualify for in the Super Bike Division Racing. These races are still managed by the AMA.

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