World’s Fastest Crotch Rocket – Suzuki Hayabusa

A sport bike, crotch rocket should be fast. Generally, speed is the number one reason a person buys a sport bike. The Suzuki Hayabusa is said to be one of the faster sport bikes on the market. The 1999-2000 Suzuki Hayabusa has top speeds of up to 194 miles per hour, or 312 kilometers per hour, which is how it won its title as the world’s fastest crotch rocket. The Suzuki Hayabusa was named for the peregrine falcon, which is the fastest known bird. No other crotch rocket has been able to top the speeds of the Suzuki Hayabusa off the production line. A faster bike must be tweaked in order to reach higher speeds. No other production motorcycle will top this Suzuki racing bullet for speed because sports bikes now have a 186 mile per hour limitation on their top speed.

Suzuki Haybusa Rider

Suzuki Haybusa - world's fastest Crotch Rocket

Not only is it fast, the Suzuki Hayabusa crotch rocket is also great for performance. The handling, fuel economy, comfort, price, safety, and reliability are all of equal high quality. With the title of the world’s fastest crotch rocket, the Suzuki Hayabusa is actually very easy to ride. Its acceleration times are quite impressive and it offers more gear selections than many other bikes. The body of the bike has been called “ugly” by some because it is built somewhat differently than most. The reason for this difference is to reduce the drag when operating at high speeds. The unusual body style is necessary in making the Suzuki Hayabusa the fastest crotch rocket, and for those who find it ugly the style and look of the bike will grow on you.

So if you really want agressive motorcycle with highest speed then check out the world’s fastest crotch rocket, the Suzuki Hayabusa. As far as sports bikes go, this sport bike is great for speed, performance, and price. The Suzuki Hayabusa can be used for everyday riding purposes but it has also made its mark in road racing, drag racing, and in speed competitions. Hayabusa is also a great bike for customizing and has more aftermarket parts than most sports bikes. Besides being coined the world’s fastest sports bike, it is a fantastic choice all around. It has even been used as a police vehicle, equipped with radar and lights, or as a community outreach vehicle because of its unique design. It is an exceptional crotch rocket and the one that does not disappoint the rider and sport bike lovers.

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